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Marblehead Coastal – Plaza San Clemente

San Clemente residents will soon find the 248 acre dirt lot on the west side of I-5 between Avenida Vista Hermosa and Avenida Pico transform into a new shopping center and residential development. The Shopping center is expected to somewhat rival the look and feel of high end shopping areas such as South Coast Plaza. According to the developer, the project could open as early as July 2015.

The developer has built 11 other centers including Carlsbad’s mall.

There could be as many as 140 shops and up to 14 restaurants. Dining will range from high end to casual and will be designed to have ocean view seating.

The project is expected to create up to 1,500 construction jobs, and 1,000 permanent retail jobs in phase one.

Here is a great article outlining some of the details.
Ocean View Shopping in San Clemente

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